If your business is in a scale-up mode, you may already be feeling the pressure to find a warehousing solution that allows you to handle the demands of increasing inventory and shipping counts. Having sufficient storage space is vital to ensure smooth daily operations and can give your company the ability to grow with ease. As most owners will quickly discover, the cost of building or leasing your own private facility is often well out of scope or budget.

Third-Party Logistic (3PL) warehousing offers a cost-effective way of managing your inventory, without the financial stress of maintaining your own facility. Below are a list of a few common misconceptions regarding third-party warehouses, as well as information regarding the services offered by Active Warehousing.

Misconception: Third-Party Warehousing Costs More

One of the most common misconceptions held by business’ is that external solutions are more costly to keeping things within your own space. Unless you already have an ample amount of unused square footage readily on hand, this is rarely the case. Once you consider all the various factors that go into running your own facility, 3PL warehouses help consolidate costs and eliminate the change of wasting valuable floor space during fluctuating seasonal demand and other such issues.

Misconception: Inefficient

Another common, but inaccurate perception is that allowing a 3PL provider to handle your products can lead to inefficient processes down the line. While this may be a risk with inexperienced teams, providers like Active Warehousing know how to maximize the intricacies of warehouse flow to ensure your process and products are finessed to the benefit of both your business and customers.

Misconception: Difficult To Access The Market

Finally, another incorrect assumption about 3PL providers is that they lack readily available access to transport and ship throughout the market. With Active Warehouse, this simply isn’t true. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, our facilities make it easy to ship all throughout Western Canada. With rail side service and superior access to 4PL procurement when necessary, Active Warehousing makes it easy to get your products where they need to go.

About Active Warehousing

For over 15 years, Active Warehousing has been one of the most dependent on third-party service providers in Western Canada. With over 300,000 sq ft of heated warehouse space available all year round, along with exceptional safety measures in place, we’re here to ensure that storing and moving your inventory has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more.