It’s time to take inventory of your inventory and storage solutions with Active Warehousing, Western Canada’s leading source for 3PL services.

Is your business in the middle of a rescale? Are you revving up or resizing to better fit your needs? If you’ve recently encountered a major change in your operational and supply patterns, you’ve no doubt come to realize just how integral storage solutions are when it comes to keeping up with client demand and maintaining your business. The right solution for your inventory needs involves finding a storage facility that can help alleviate pressure on your daily operations, increase efficiency, and allows your in-house team to focus on all other aspects of daily operations confidently.

Active Warehousing is proud to be a trusted provider of third-party warehousing solutions throughout Western Canada, serving clients in a multitude of industries including Oil & Gas, forestry, mining, and more. Learn about the benefits of partnering with us below!

Flexible To Your Needs

One of the most difficult aspects of managing your own storage facility is that inventory demands can often fluctuate greatly depending on unforeseen circumstances. These sudden jumps or drops can put quite a bit of strain on your bottom line as you struggle to keep your inventory stocked accordingly, on top of having to allocate staff to maintain demand. Working with a 3PL provider gives you the freedom that extra space provides at a fraction of cost, along with the ability to easily resize as needed with minimal hassle.

Active Warehousing’s facilities offer our clients plenty of room to meet their needs, along with order management support, and more.

Rail Side Capabilities

Active Warehousing is proud to stand apart from competitors, with our facilities offering customers access to rail side capabilities. For those shipping across Canada and North America, we are located just minutes away from CN Intermodal, CP Intermodal and many of the core storage yards in Edmonton that make container trans-loading simple.

Expedited Delivery

Simply put, speed matters. In addition to exceptional inventory management tools and capabilities, same-day shipping services, seasonal distribution and more, Active’s facilities are located within 10 minutes of all major transport roads in the city. If you need to get up and running fast, we have you covered!

Expertise You Can Count On

For over 15 years, Active Warehousing has been one of the most depended on third-party service providers in Western Canada. With over 300,000 sq ft of heated warehouse space available all year round, along with exceptional safety measures in place, we’re here to ensure that storing and moving your inventory has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more.