Are you in the process of right-sizing your business’ inventory management? Whether you need to scale up or down to accurately meet your current demand levels, finding a warehousing solution that allows you to do so without breaking the bank is a valuable asset. Having sufficient storage space is vital to ensuring smooth daily operations and preventing unnecessary strain on your team, but for the vast majority of manufacturers, the cost of maintaining a private facility is simply too expensive to be viable.

Managed warehousing locations offer businesses a cost-effective way of managing their inventory by providing ample space at a fraction of the cost of running your own facility, as well as access to a dedicated team of experts. Below is a list of a few common misconceptions regarding third-party warehouses, as well as information regarding the services offered by Active Warehousing.

Myth: Externally Managed Warehouses Cost More

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding 3PL providers is that managed warehousing services cost more than developing an in-house solution. While this may be true for a small percentage of businesses (mass producers that move millions of dollars each year), this simply isn’t the case for most businesses. Unless your business model is actively structured around having ample storage space readily on hand, chances are you’ll end up eating into your bottom as demand starts to fluctuate. Add on the need for an in-house team, training, equipment, order fulfillment, return services and more, and costs steadily rise. Once you consider all the various factors that go into running your own facility it becomes readily apparent that 3PL warehouses help consolidate costs and eliminate the chance of wasting valuable floor space during changing seasonal demands and other such issues.

Myth: Less Efficient

Similar to the above misconception, a surprising amount of business owners tend to think that 3PL providers will be less equipped to handle their products. Fortunately for our clients, the opposite is true! Managed warehousing service providers like the team at Active Warehousing not only partner closely with customers to learn the ins and outs of your inventory, but also bring industry-leading knowledge of the intricacies of warehouse flow to ensure your process and products are finessed to the benefit of both your business and customers.

Myth: It Will Be Hard To Ship To Market

The last common misconception is that managed warehousing providers are less likely to have readily available access to transport your goods to market. With rail side service and close working relationships with major providers throughout Canada, this simply isn’t accurate for Active Warehousing. We’re proud to offer our customers easy to-market solutions, including 4PL procurement when necessary.

About Active Warehousing

For over 15 years, Active Warehousing has been one of the most dependent on third-party service providers in Western Canada. With over 300,000 sq ft of heated warehouse space available all year round, along with exceptional safety measures in place, we’re here to ensure that storing and moving your inventory has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more.