Active Warehousing Inc. is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers’ material handling needs. We are eager to become the preferred provider of warehousing and logistics services. Our attention to service and our commitment to operate safely are the foundations for success. We are dedicated to Service and Committed to Excellence.

Our quality objectives include to continually grow customer satisfaction, to reach and exceed financial goals, to supply a quality product that consistently exceeds expectations, to operate in compliance with policy and regulations, and to manage our processes for continual improvement.

The protection of human health and the environment are essential to our business, we are committed to complying with the regulations that apply to our business activities.

With 300,000 square feet of heated warehouse space on 10 acres of fenced, secure property, and a 28’ clear ceiling in our warehouses , Active Warehousing Inc. has the ability to look after your warehousing needs, both big and small.

From bulk storage to hi-density racking we have the ability to provide space, both in a multi-tenant 3PL or dedicated warehouse scenario and whether bulk stacked or racked our best in class product safety standards always apply.


Our buildings all have certified fire suppression systems, they are all intrusion alarm monitored and with 40 truck doors, 17 CN served rail doors, and 5 grade doors you can guaranteed you are in and out quickly and efficiently with the peace of mind your product will be safely stored at all times.


We offer the ability to provide yard storage of product, trailers and containers on chassis, with 10 acres of paved yard you’ll never have to work in the mud again. With the installation of our drive in grade doors we have the ability to bring equipment directly inside the warehouse to keep product out of the elements but more importantly to offer the drivers and warehouse staff an area to work without natures obstacles impacting their safety. Whether you have a 16’ trailer, a 53’ flat deck or a super b, we can bring them all inside to accomplish just about any job.


Our close proximity to major highways and rail yards give you one of the best locations to move freight quickly and effeciently.


  • 300,000 square feet of heated core space
  • 10 acres of property
  • Available flex space
  • Certified Sprinkler Suppression system
  • Intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Fenced secure yards
  • 28’ clear ceiling
  • 55 dock doors including grade doors
  • CN Rail served with 17 rail doors
  • Multi-tenant and dedicated warehouse space
  • Trailer Storage available
  • Best in class Product Safety standards
  • Hi-density pallet racking
  • Warehouse pest control
  • Close proximity to major roads and rail yards


Over the years Active Warehousing has had many opportunities to work in many different sectors, we have a vast history in rail, trailers, containers and deck work. We utilize the right equipment for the products we handle and we prove each and every time that we can handle whatever the industry brings us. From oil and gas, forestry to steel and pipe to pumps, we have the right people with the right training to take on these tasks.


We have worked hard at developing procedures, policies and standards that mirror our customers and how they handle and store their very own product. By working closely with our customers and educating our staff, we can become part of our customers business and appear transparent within the supply chain.


We have worked with small customers consisting of only a handful of employees to customers with staff in the thousands and although all are very different they all have something in common, each wants the best service at the best price and each and every time we deliver this to them.


We look to partner up with companies that have the same goals as we, that have the same respect for their employees, and for those who allow Active Warehousing to all the information available in order to succeed with growing not only our business but theirs as well.

  • Pulp and paper
  • Newsprint
  • Lumber
  • OSB


We are a leader in the storage and handling of forestry products, we realize how important it is to maintain a products integrity, to make it look like it came of the mill site floor and we pride ourselves in the safe handling practices of all forestry products.


We specialize in the movement of pulp both domestic and export, from rail cars, to trailers to container stuffing we do it all.


With our expertise in Newsprint handling we have the ability to move paper literally damage free, we have skilled operators whom have done many mill tours to get to know the customer, the product, and the skills needed to handle paper.


Lumber and OSB handling and storage are one of our biggest sectors, from offloading super b’s and flat decks of product to the shipping out of railcars and sea containers, we have the knowledge and know how to not only get them loaded but to provide the understanding of how important blocking and bracing and narrowing is to the safe movement of our customers freight.

  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Pallets
  • Crates
  • Pipe
  • Modules
  • Up to 36,000lb lift capacity

Oil & Gas

As the economy changes so does the need for the warehouse to change also. We have invested in our equipment and our staff to learn the oil and gas industry and after many years we have become one of the premier companies in Edmonton to provide this service. From pallets of valves and modules to 36,000lb crated motors and pumps, we have the knowledge to handle these products with the upmost care and consideration and have a knowledge of the record keeping that is required.


As staffing becomes a challenge for the jobsites and becomes more competitive as each day goes on, we offer our customers a financially viable alternative and have been able to save them many dollars by having a warehouse hub in Edmonton that can provide daily just in time shipping to the jobsite.


With our combined expertise and internal systems, our ability to provide off site warehousing to the oil and gas industry has been one of the biggest assets to their portfolio, we offer a top of the line service and combine it with a safety program that compares to the oil and gas groups to ensure we not only move product safely and accurately, but we keep our staff safe from the dynamics that moving this product entails.


At Active Warehousing we employ Oil and Gas Material Coordinators that have the ability to work with our customers every step of the way. Coordinating freight can be a difficult task to accomplish, it is time consuming and can be stressful, we have the expertise to help with this function from supplier to destination. Our Oil and Gas warehouse not only has the expertise in the manpower we provide but we have the equipment on site or the ability to get it at a moment’s notice to accommodate whatever it is you need.

  • Steel destuffing
  • Pipe destuffing
  • Wheels and tracks
  • Totes and Super Sac
  • Palletized product
  • Racking
  • Aluminum products
  • Oversized items
  • Building products
  • Reno projects
  • Copper reels
  • Scaffolding
  • Rebar
  • Fencing
  • Steel mesh
  • Steel coils


Our industrial division consists of many different sectors.


Our ability to react to the changing needs of our customers allows us to diversify and apply the same policies to procedures to the different groups and at the same time we can tweak them to the individual needs.


We have the ability to handle pipe and steel varying in size and weight, including container destuffing, storage and loading. We handle straight decks of pipe and steel including storage, order picking and transloading.


From steel wheels to rubber tracks to totes and super sacs, we can handle these easily.We have engineered special equipment for just this type of business.


We’re your one stop for store, hotel and restaurant renos. We have the ability to store new product for the retrofits and take back the used product or disposal or resale.


Product weight is never an issue, we can handle small pallets of plastic containers to steel coils, rebar, and anything else up to weights of 36,000lbs.


We can provide specialized solutions to any industry.

  • Coming soon

Our range of services is vast and performed with the customers’ best
interests in mind each and every time.


We provide complete customer order fulfillment, utilizing a KPI driven system and offer
dedicated Customer Service Reps to answer all questions.


Our core capabilities include:


  • Racked and bulk storage
  • Secure outdoor storage
  • Railcar loading and unloading
  • Super b loading and unloading
  • Grade door and dock loading
  • Forklifts ranging from 5,000lbs – 36,000lbs
  • Forklift attachments for specialized situations
  • Container stuffing and destuffing
  • Distribution
  • Consolidation
  • Crossdocking
  • Short and Long term warehousing
  • Container/ pallet / Full Case / Each pick capable
  • Serial number / Barcode / Date Control capabilities
  • Product recall capabilities
  • Physical inventory / Cycle counting / Inventory rotation
  • Same Day shipping
  • Packaging / Labeling / Pallet re-stacking / Value-Added Programs
  • Seasonal distribution
  • Appliance specialists

With our Maves WMS, we can customize your documents for your needs, being EDI capable we can help streamline the order processes to ensure your product moves when you want it to.

We can track and manage your shipping needs from start to finish.


With private rail sidings on the CN Rail line we can unload and load both 75 ton and 100 ton boxcars and have the ability to spot High Capacity cars on site.


We retain and audit all of our contract services from our Forklift repair companies to our specialized building repair contractors performing work on site, this ensures our equipment and buildings are serviced for peak safety and operating efficiency.


All our staff are WHMIS and Forklift certified and we have fully certified first aid people on site.


Active Warehousing is also certified in railcar safety and securement, rail track inspection and has staff that are certified CN contractors.


By reflecting on our customers core values and their specific requirements we can combine our expertise and our aggressive pricing to provide a value to all groups that work with us to move their products.

  • 8,000lb – 10,000 BCS forklifts
  • 36,000lb forklifts
  • Reachtruck
  • Domestic pulp clamps
  • Export pulp clamps
  • Paper clamps
  • Carton clamps
  • Drum clamps
  • Slings and shackles
  • Pipe boom
  • Spreader bar
  • Slipsheet
  • Carpet Pole
  • Compressor
  • Hydraulic hose fabricator

Active Warehousing Inc. is generic in that we can handle pallets with a forklift like our competitors but what’s makes us different is our ability to do everything that a manufacturer can do in regards to handling their own product that no other warehouse can do.


We have a vast supply of forklifts, from the double deep reach trucks for the racking, to the small 5,000lb forklift to our 8,000lb and 10,000lb Box car specials. These forklifts have the ability to handle heavy loads and are small enough to seamlessly work in railcars, and sea containers without any issues.


For the customers requiring heavy lifts we have purchased top of the line maximal 36,000lb forklifts from Taylor and Hyster. These units can and will lift almost everything and for the items they can’t get up safely, we have partnered with a local crane company to do on site work.


And what makes us different from our competitors is our ability to add our attachments to these lifts to perform very specialized moves. By utilizing equipment attachments that are consistent to a manufacturer’s, we ensure all product is handled professionally and damage free. We continually research new technology in material handling equipment that allow our staff to utilize the best the industry has to offer in today’s workplace.


Active Warehousing Inc.

Head Office



12900-148th street
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2H8

Ph: 780-482-5800

12825-149th street
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2J7

Ph: 780-482-5118

130,000 square feet
6.03 Acres

12865-175th Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5V 0C2


Ph: 780-455-9001


100,000 square feet

Kelly Godziuk, President


Marcy Godziuk, Vice President


Chase Carter, Operations Manager


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