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We provide complete customer order fulfillment, utilizing a KPI driven system and offer dedicated Customer Service Reps to answer all questions, our attention to detail ensures clients have real time data to efficiently run their business on their schedule.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Racked and bulk storage
  • Secure outdoor storage
  • Railcar loading and unloading
  • Super b loading and unloading
  • Grade door and dock loading
  • Forklifts ranging from 5,000lbs – 36,000lbs
  • Forklift attachments such as pulp clamps, carton clamps and paper clamps for specialized work
  • Container stuffing and destuffing
  • Distribution
  • Crossdocking
  • Short and Long term warehousing
  • Container / pallet / Full Case / Each pick capable
  • Serial number / Barcode / Date Control capabilities
  • Product recall capabilities
  • Physical inventory / Cycle counting / Inventory rotation
  • Same Day shipping
  • Packaging / Labeling / Pallet re-stacking / Value-Added Programs
  • Seasonal distribution
  • Appliance specialists
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With our Maves Warehouse Management System, we can customize your documents for your needs, being EDI capable we can help streamline the order processes to ensure your product moves when you want it to.

We can track and manage your shipping needs from start to finish.

With private rail sidings on the CN Rail line we can unload and load 100 ton boxcars and have the ability to spot High Capacity cars on site. We have access to CP car loading and unloading on our CN sidings.

We retain and audit all of our contract services from our Forklift repair companies to our specialized building repair contractors performing work on site, this ensures our equipment and buildings are serviced for peak safety and operating efficiency.

We are COR certified by the AFPA and set the bar on our grading and percentages in the industry and are also an Associate Member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

We work hard to stay ahead of the curve on our training and safety program and our training matrix includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Railcar safety and securement
  2. Forklift Certification
  3. WHMIS
  4. Rigging and Hoisting
  5. Fit Testing
  6. Fall Arrest
  7. Harassment
  8. Track Inspection
  9. Accident Investigation
  10. Spotter Training
  11. Drug and Alcohol testing
  12. Supervisory Training
  13. Supervisor Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  14. Competency review and training
  15. First Aid

By reflecting and focusing on our clients core values and their specific requirements we can combine our expertise and our aggressive pricing to provide solutions to all of our clients that work with us to move their products.

                                                      Active Warehousing Inc. is honored to have received the CN Top Tier Partner Recognition. This partnership represents our commitment to exceptional service levels and our unmatched client experience. Our long term relationship with CN Rail allows companies to extend their market share both through imports and exports in Edmonton. To find Active Warehousing Inc. on the CN Network Map click here 

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