About Active Warehousing

Established in 2004, Active Warehousing Inc. grew steadily under the leadership of Kelly and Marcy Godziuk, as they surrounded themselves with an outstanding team of dedicated warehousing professionals they grew the business to what it is today.

Governed by their commitment to service, they maintained their ongoing focus to ensure employees, clients, contractors and suppliers whom worked with the logo received top tier service levels.

Active Warehousing Inc. believes in establishing logistics partners and they do this by listening to a clients needs, working closely with those whom know their business best and then work to develop systems and processes that work for everyone.

Active’s unique approach to working with such a diverse group of clients is done by not assuming they know the clients business, all business models run differently, and it is important to learn the dynamics of the individual clients and their needs to provide the best service possible.

about active warehousing

Why Active Warehousing

When you ask yourself “Why Active Warehousing Inc. what makes them a service provider I’d like to partner with”:

  1. They are committed to their clients success, if you’re successful they are successful and their team is successful.
  2. They are committed to safety, they have a stringent safety program that incorporates everyone under the logo and all guests on their properties.
  3. They are excited about their growth and their clients growth, with committed retention programs for existing clients and continued open mind thinking for new clients they can put all their assets to the future.
  4. They are constantly monitoring for efficiencies and with an open door policy all members are engaged in making processes more efficient.
  5. They believe in best practices, short cuts cause challenges thus they mandate best practices through out the company.
  6. They believe in a culture of mentoring and acceptance, no two individuals are the same nor work the same nor think the same so mentoring and accepting individuals for all they bring to the workplace is a staple of their day to day operation.
  7. They believe honesty and integrity are paramount to a successful business.

                                                      Active Warehousing Inc. is honored to have received the CN Top Tier Partner Recognition. This partnership represents our commitment to exceptional service levels and our unmatched client experience. Our long term relationship with CN Rail allows companies to extend their market share both through imports and exports in Edmonton. To find Active Warehousing Inc. on the CN Network Map click here 

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