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active warehousing facility


With between 300,000 – 500,000 square feet of heated warehouse space at any given time and 4 acres of secure fenced lay down yard, Active Warehousing Inc. has the ability to look after your warehousing needs, both big and small.

From bulk storage to hi-density racking we have the ability to provide space, both in a multi-tenant 3PL or dedicated warehouse scenario and whether bulk stacked or racked our best in class product safety standards always apply.

Our buildings all have certified fire suppression systems, they are all intrusion alarm monitored and with an abundance of truck and container loading doors, CN/CP served rail sidings, and 16′ grade doors you can be guaranteed you are in and out quickly and efficiently with the peace of mind your product will be safely stored at all times.

active warehousing facility

We offer the ability to provide yard storage of product, trailers and containers on chassis, with over 15 acres of paved yard and 4 acres of hard pack yard storage, you’ll never have to work in the mud again. With drive in grade doors we have the ability to bring equipment directly inside the warehouse to keep product out of the elements but more importantly to offer the drivers and warehouse staff an area to work without natures obstacles impacting their safety. Whether you have a 16’ trailer, a 53’ flat deck or a super b, we can bring them all inside to accomplish just about any job.

Our strategically located facilities are minutes away from CN Intermodal, CP Intermodal and many of the main container storage yards in Edmonton give us a leading edge for container trans-loading.

With quick turn around time carriers can move multiply loads daily from our locations which allows them the ability to generate more moves in a day making our clients successful and our carriers successful and our company successful..

12900-148th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 2H8

Ph: 780-482-5800

65,000 square feet
5 Rail Docks
8 Truck Docks
16′ Drive in Dock

12825-149th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 2J7

Ph: 780-482-5118

121,250 square feet
12 Rail Docks
30 Truck Docks
16′ Drive in Dock

12865-175th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5V 0C2

Ph: 780-455-9001

170,000 square feet
4 Acres of Lay Down Yard
34 Truck Docks
14′ Drive in Dock

12150-160 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5V 1H5

Ph: 780-482-5800

34,000 square feet
7 Truck Docks
16′ Drive in Dock

11208-189 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5S 2V6

Ph: 780-482-5800

100,000 square feet
20 Truck Docks

12810-148 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 2H8

Ph: 780-482-5800

20,000 square feet
4 Truck Docks

15820-142 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6V 0K8

Ph: 780-482-5800

32,000 square feet
10 Truck Docks

11355-261 Street
Acheson, Alberta
T7X 6C7

Ph: 780-482-5800

34,000  square feet
2 Acres of Lay Down Yard
5 Truck Docks
2 x 14′ Drive in Docks

                                                      Active Warehousing Inc. is honored to have received the CN Top Tier Partner Recognition. This partnership represents our commitment to exceptional service levels and our unmatched client experience. Our long term relationship with CN Rail allows companies to extend their market share both through imports and exports in Edmonton. To find Active Warehousing Inc. on the CN Network Map click here 

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