At Active Warehousing Inc. we continue to take on new and additional challenges working with industry professionals to make all involved successful.

Our divisions include Foresty, Oil and Gas and Industrial.

We are a proud partner of the Alberta and Western Canadian Forestry and Oil and Gas sector.

We work closely with the pulp and paper mills to provide them warehousing and transloading services to get their product to both domestic and off shore destinations damage free.

We continue to support and be part of the Oil and Gas sector helping to provide strategic partnerships with many suppliers and contractors to ensure every part that comes and goes through our warehouse is checked and verified to mitigate any chance of damage to keep our environment healthy and prosperous.

Both our local and import industrial clients get our full attention to detail as many are small businesses looking to build a future and provide for families under their umbrella, we work hard to be part of their success and look to build on long term relationships.

We are a leader in the storage and handling of forestry products, we realize how important it is to maintain a products integrity, to make it look like it came of the mill site floor and we pride ourselves in the safe handling practices of all forestry products.

We specialize in the movement of pulp both domestic and export, from rail cars, to trailers to container stuffing we do it all, with the ability to handle the various sizes and weights as well understand the safe stacking protocol we offer a seamless point in the supply chain for our clients.

With our expertise in Newsprint handling we have the ability to move paper literally damage free, we have skilled operators whom have done many mill tours to get to know the customer, the product, and the skills needed to handle paper of various sizes. With a vast knowledge of exporting and over the road moves we have the tools and equipment to provide the safe transport of product.

Lumber and OSB handling and storage are another one our specialties. From offloading super b’s and flat decks of product to the shipping out of rail cars and sea containers, we have the expertise and know how to not only get them loaded but to provide the understanding of how important blocking and bracing and narrowing is to the safe movement of our client’s product.

As the economy changes so does the need for the warehouse to change also. We have invested in our equipment and our staff to continually update our knowledge of the oil and gas industry and after many years we have become one of the premier companies in Edmonton to provide this service.

From pallets of valves and modules to oversize and overweight crated motors and pumps, we have the knowledge to handle these products with the upmost care and consideration and have a knowledge of the record keeping that is required.

We offer our clients a financially viable addition to their processes by providing warehouses and lay down yards in Edmonton that can provide daily just in time shipping to the jobsite.

With our combined expertise and internal systems, our ability to provide off site warehousing to the oil and gas industry has been one of the biggest assets to their portfolio, we offer a top of the line service and combine it with a safety program that compares to the oil and gas groups to ensure we not only move product safely and accurately, but we keep our staff safe from the dynamics that moving this product entails.

At Active Warehousing we employ Oil and Gas Material Coordinators and Technicians that have the ability to work with our clients every step of the way. Coordinating freight can be a difficult task to accomplish, it is time consuming and can be stressful, we have the expertise to help with this function from supplier to destination. Our Oil and Gas warehouse not only has the expertise in the manpower we provide but we have the equipment on site or the ability to get it at a moment’s notice to accommodate whatever it is you need.

Our industrial division consists of many different sectors.

We have the ability to handle pipe and steel varying in size and weight, including container destuffing, storage and loading. We handle straight decks of pipe and steel including storage, order picking and transloading.

From steel wheels to rubber tracks to totes and super sacs, we can handle these easily. We have engineered special equipment for just this type of business.

We’re your one stop for store, hotel and restaurant renos. We have the ability to store new product for the retrofits and take back the used product or disposal or resale.

Product weight is never an issue, we can handle small pallets of plastic containers to steel coils, rebar, and anything else up to weights of 36,000lbs.

Our ability to react to the changing needs of our customers allows us to diversify and apply the same policies to procedures to the different groups and at the same time we can tweak them to the individual needs.

We can provide specialized solutions to any industry.

                                                      Active Warehousing Inc. is honored to have received the CN Top Tier Partner Recognition. This partnership represents our commitment to exceptional service levels and our unmatched client experience. Our long term relationship with CN Rail allows companies to extend their market share both through imports and exports in Edmonton. To find Active Warehousing Inc. on the CN Network Map click here 

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