Third Party Warehousing at Active Warehousing

Looking for a storage solution that’s both cost-effective and designed to help you maximize your profitability? While it may be tempting to consider building your own on-site storage, the simple reality for most businesses it that doing so is not only incredibly expensive, but also extremely inefficient. Third-Party Logistic (3PL) providers offer the perfect solution with plenty of off-site storage at a significantly reduced cost compared to running your own facility.

In addition to ample space to house your inventory, leading 3PL providers like Active Warehousing also give you access to their extensive resources and connections. Learn more about the perks of working with a 3PL provider below!

Expertise You Can Trust

One of the major benefits of partnering with an experienced 3PL provider is gaining access to their knowledge and industry-leading tools, technology, and practices. At Active Warehousing, we understand just how integral inventory management and accessibility are to protecting your bottom line. Our team is proud to partner alongside each of our clients to determine a plan that best fits their exact needs both today and in the future. With plenty of resources on hand, it’s easy to allow us to do the heavy lifting where storage and shipping is concerned, while you focus on other integral parts of running your day to day operations.

World-Class Inventory Management

From having a viable facility to store your products to expedited shipping that helps keep customers happy, joining forces with a 3PL makes it easier to meet your inventory needs without over-extending your budget. Active Warehousing not only offers ample space for all your storage needs, but utilizes reliable software to help track and ship cargo with ease. The freedom to store your product with confidence, including the ability to scale up and down as needed with demand is paramount to success; this is something that Active understands, and integrates into all of our warehousing solutions.

Save Valuable Time and Money

Despite there being a common misconception that partnering with 3PL providers is more expensive than sourcing in-house solutions, the reality is, seeking outside support is often significantly cheaper. Maintaining your own storage facility can quickly eat into capital and prove inefficient, especially when factoring in seasonal inventory fluctuations. Working with an external team will make it easier to pivot as needed, while also ensuring you are able to allocate your staff to important operational matters rather than constantly needing them to keep up with inventory.

Active Warehousing: Your Choice for 3PL Services in Western Canada

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Active Warehousing is Western Canada’s leading source for 3PL storage. Our facilities offer between approximately 500,000 square feet of heated warehouse space along with 4 acres of securely fenced yard area. In addition to rail side loading bays with 16’ grade doors, our buildings contain certified fire suppression systems, are intrusion alarm monitored, and many other safety features.

With decades of experience behind our team, Active Warehousing is ready to assist with your warehouse management needs. Learn more about how our 3PL services can help you grow your business by contacting our team today.